The Happy Medium RBT EXTRAS

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The Happy Medium RBT EXTRAS

Is Your Company Ready for some RBT Continuing Education? Enjoy over 20 Hours of Content!!

The Happy Medium RBT Extras is a different type of RBT course! Support current RBTs as they gain experience and grow their competency levels!

  • A Perspective on Neurodiversity
  • Helpful Languaging to support complex individuals
  • Trauma Informed Lens
  • Heavy Emphasis on Reinforcing Precursor Behaviors
  • Identifying Client Values
  • Noticing and Observing Personal Biases
  • Use the incredible 2 rule as a guide for seeking advice from your supervisor
  • Exposure to tools in The Happy Medium Approach:
  • The Noticing Grid
  • ABC Skill Access
  • The Pendulum of Optimal Learning
  • Hierarchy of Reinforcement
  • Distress Tolerance Hierarchy
  • Drop the Rope
  • Be Kind
  • Shared Control
  • Proactive and Reactive Frame Strategies for when you don't have a plan.
  • Exposure to Psychological Flexibility and the DNA-V Model
  • Exposure to ABA Desk Electronic Data Collection
  • Exposure to Mostly Naturalistic Teaching
  •  Assent and Assent Withdrawal examples
  • Continuous Discussion Around Emotional Capacities
  • Emphasis on Strength Based Learning
  •  Autonomy over Independence
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