The Happy Medium Approach in the Educational Setting: Creating durable progress and inclusive educational contexts

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The Happy Medium Approach in the Educational Setting: Creating durable progress and inclusive educational contexts

School based service providers, we understand that you may be feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place, or exhausted from being constantly called in to be the behavior fire extinguisher. As BCBAs in the school context, you are faced with the challenging task of meeting the needs of the individual, the classroom, and the school as a whole. It's not an easy feat.

Traditionally, BCBAs have been asked to create plans that require individuals to conform to the mold of the classroom and the school environment. These plans often focus on eliminating behaviors that interfere with the learning context, as defined by the adults in charge. However, this mold is constantly changing, depending on the expectations and flexibility of adults throughout the school year or even from year to year with changes in classroom/building placement.

Educational environments are typically filled with rules that may not always function as intended. It's crucial to examine the workability of these rules and shift from an approach centered on elimination and conformity towards a more constructive and contextually flexible approach. This shift should be driven by a shared purpose among all three groups of people involved - the individuals, the classroom, and the school.

That's why we're offering a two-day workshop specifically designed for school-based service providers like you. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to engage in flexible learning experiences, focusing on the following areas:

  1. Supporting from a place of psychological flexibility
  2. The DNA-V Model of Psychological Flexibility
  3. Frameworks in The Happy Medium Approach
  4. Assessing and Tracking workability
    • Individual
    • Classroom
    • School
  5. Assessing and Constructing Supporter Repertoires
  6. Assessing and Constructing Individual Repertoires
  7. Supporting a Shared Purpose
    • Individual
    • Classroom
    • School

We believe that by coming together and sharing our experiences, knowledge, and insights, we can navigate the complexities of the school environment with more compassion and understanding. Our goal is to empower you as school-based service providers to create a more supportive and inclusive educational experience for everyone involved.

12 Total BCBA CEUs 4 Supervision, 4 Ethics, and 4 General Learning CEUs.
HMA Manual
HML Manual
HML Quick Guide
HML Flash Cards
HMA Educational Context Case Conceptualization

Lifetime access to recording and materials.
Total due $200

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