Breaking Free from Traditional Parent Training: Unlock the potential of innovative strategies with The Relentless Parent

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Breaking Free from Traditional Parent Training: Unlock the potential of innovative strategies with The Relentless Parent

Are you ready for an appetitive approach to parent training? We understand that the traditional methods of holding parents accountable can sometimes feel discouraging and ineffective. It can be disheartening to hear the same excuses over and over again. But don't worry, we're here to tell you that there is a better way. Let us introduce you to The Relentless Parent, an innovative and empowering approach to parent training by The Happy Medium Approach.

Through the lens of Psychological Flexibility, Positive Psychology, and Evolutionary Science with the DNA-V approach developed by Hayes and Ciarrochi, we offer our support in helping parents discover their true selves both as individuals and as parents. We believe that by connecting with their core values, parents can embark on a beautiful journey of reducing chaos and creating shared joy for their family.

W're here to support you, as the clinician. We understand the challenges you face in guiding parents on this transformative journey with their neurodivergent child. That's why we combine the science of behavior analysis, language as intervention, and components of The Happy Medium Approach to provide you with the tools and techniques to navigate parent training in an appetitive environment with resilience, grace, and forward movement.

Join us for our 3-hour learning course, using The Relentless Parent Manual, and witness the evolution of your parent training in a whole new way.

This course is designed to create a supportive and inclusive environment where you can learn, grow, and connect with other clinicians who share your passion. Together, we can create appetitive learning environments for parents, allowing them to embrace the joys and challenges of parenting neurodivergent children.

Let's create a world where every parent feels empowered, understood, and equipped to provide the best possible care for their children.

Participants will receive 3 CEUs 1 Ethics, 2 Learning
The Relentless Parent Training Manual
Lifetime Access to the Course Lifetime Access to the Community for ongoing conversation and learning
Total due $100

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