Meeting Scheduling -Happy Medium Neurodivergent

Welcome to The Happy Medium Approach, a place where warmth and understanding fill the air. We're thrilled to have you here, whether you're a parent seeking support or an individual on a journey towards self-discovery and growth.

At The Happy Medium Approach, we celebrate the uniqueness that resides within each of us. We understand that your experiences, aspirations, and the challenges you face are one-of-a-kind. Our commitment is to help you navigate the path towards workability and fulfillment, embracing your authentic self along the way.

We acknowledge that people come seeking support for various reasons. As a parent, you may be here to find guidance in supporting your child's unique journey. As an individual, you may be seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself. Whatever your reasons, this is the right place to find the support you need.

Your Zoom link will be in BLUE.  It does not look like a traditional link!  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any support!


Rosalie Prendergast
30 minutes
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