The Relentless Parent: Paradigm Shift

This course is designed for parents of neurodivergent children who are seeking to make a paradigm shift in their parenting approach. It will provide insights and strategies to help parents move away from traditional historic parenting and towards a more connected and empowering style that takes into account the unique lived experience of neurodivergent children. This course supports parents in developing skills in order to effectively connect and support their neurodivergent child.  Parents will enjoy the following content on their paradigm shift journey: 

  1. Defining their individual values 
  2. Creating a parenting mission statement guided by their values 
  3. Gain knowledge in actively parenting from a place of psychological flexibility
  4. Developing a universal language to narrow the double empathy gap among neurotypicals and neurodivergents
  5. Helpful rules to support connection and engagement 
  6. Tools for regulation, support, effective coping strategies to alleviate fight flight or freeze
  7. A system to optimally support your child across the variability of being human to avoid dysregulation and maximize contact with joy
  8. Ideas to pull it all together on the journey towards building a unique system to support your neurodivergent and your family in valued living

Enjoy 31 days of dripped content to consume a little each day or wait until you have time to dive in!