Hello! It sounds like you are interested in The Happy Medium Approach (HMA), which is a human first approach that recognizes that not everyone fits neatly into a box and doesn’t need to in order to live a meaningful life. This approach values individual needs and aspirations and supports the development of an exclusive self-box for each individual. The unique frameworks in HMA elevate the freedom of the individual and the supports to develop this self-box, free from coercive and aversive interventions.

It can be challenging when society expects individuals to fit into normative boxes, and many people who are different may feel broken or forced into these boxes. The Happy Medium Approach strives to embrace different and move forward in a humane, kind, and collaborative way to honor each person for who they are at their core.

If you are interested in learning more about The Happy Medium Approach and how it can elevate your freedom or the freedom of a loved one, please let me know and I can provide additional resources or information.