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Rosalie Prendergast is the Managing Member at Eclipse Therapy, LLC.  Over the last 10 years, Rosalie and the team at Eclipse developed The Happy Medium Approach (HMA).  Being in the field of behavior for over 20 years, Rosalie has interacted with so many individuals with complex needs that don't respond well or at all to traditional behavioral strategies, she decided to create a new bridge from struggle to freedom with HMA.  Elevate your freedom using The Happy Medium Approach by creating individually unique boxes rather than trying to uncomfortably fit into socially constructed rigid boxes that end in one of three ways, a broken individual, broken box, or both. 

Families and clinicians are finding their Happy Medium using the flexible frameworks within the approach that offer a compass rather than a set of step-by-step Ikea like set of directions that never seem to fit together just right for the individual or the context.  With a solid foundation in the principles of behavior, humility, compassion, kindness and trauma sensitivity, HMA always positions the human first. We are all unique and need the freedom to be our thriving selves, whether we are in need of support or the individual offering support. 

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