Ready to get started in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis with a kind, compassionate and trauma informed lens?  The Happy Medium RBT is here to get you or your team started!  First, get to know the neurodivergent individuals you will support as an RBT.  Second, the amazingly powerful and effective science of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Lastly, develop your lens of applying ABA in a kind, compassionate, and trauma informed way always putting the individual first!


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Is Your Company Ready for a New Type of 40-Hour RBT Training?

The Happy Medium RBT is the BEST kind of different RBT course! New to the field, individuals will not only get the required training on the 2nd Edition RBT Task list and RBT Ethics, they will also get exposure in the following areas?


Get a Preview of Some Basic Content Covered in The Happy Medium RBT Extras

Throughout the course content below RBTs will be guided to reach out and communicate with their supervisor or agency regularly regarding:

  • Client Values
  • Goals
  • Changes in the Client, Responding, and Context
  • Competency Needs
  • Supervision Needs
  • Ethical Challenges
  • Self Care

The course will encourage self compassion and the idea that we all can continuously be learning and moving towards our shared purpose of providing the best services possible for the person in front of our team!


Do you need new tools in your tool box for languaging individuals?  Individuals with expansive verbal repertoires don't always respond well or at all to traditional behavioral programming, they just don't!  The Happy Medium Approach has the tools and frameworks that will guide you to successful programming for these very deserving individual. 

School based service providers, we understand that you may be feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place, or exhausted from being constantly called in to be the behavior fire extinguisher. As BCBAs in the school context, you are faced with the challenging task of meeting the needs of the individual, the classroom, and the school as a whole. It's not an easy feat.

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The Journey to Psychological Flexibility

Adding Psychological Flexibility programming to your space can at times be overwhelming. Where do I start? Am I doing this right? HMA Social Emotional Frameworks provides a flexible launching point to add Psychological Flexibility to your space. Apply it as written, or allow it to be a springboard to launch your creativity in your space!


Purchase just the HMA and HML manuals for your learning journey.  The 11-hour course includes both manuals, but if you are not interested in an overview of the approach and would just like the manuals, this is a great option!


Happy Medium Language (HML) creates a universal language that can be used across context to narrow the perspective gap when languaging with each other. All humans wish to be understood and when we are using the same word to mean different things a gap can grow between us causing unneeded dysregulation and frustration. HML closes that gap and creates a shared perspective among individuals in the context.

Are you ready for an appetitive approach to parent training? We understand that the traditional methods of holding parents accountable can sometimes feel discouraging and ineffective. It can be disheartening to hear the same excuses over and over again. But don't worry, we're here to tell you that there is a better way. Let us introduce you to The Relentless Parent, an innovative and empowering approach to parent training by The Happy Medium Approach.

Through the lens of Psychological Flexibility, Positive Psychology, and Evolutionary Science with the DNA-V approach developed by Hayes and Ciarrochi, we offer our support in helping parents discover their true selves both as individuals and as parents. We believe that by connecting with their core values, parents can embark on a beautiful journey of reducing chaos and creating shared joy for their family.


Incorporating choice, self-determination, and contingency pathways in therapeutic environments holds immense significance for promoting self-determination, reducing harm, and enhancing the effectiveness and social validity of our practices. By embracing the research and insights available, we can lean in with willingness to create more inclusive and empowering therapeutic environments. Let us continue to explore and implement these concepts, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to find workability and take doable steps towards a meaningful life.