Professional and Educator


Do you need new tools in your tool box for languaging individuals?  Individuals with expansive verbal repertoires don't always respond well or at all to traditional behavioral programming, they just don't!  The Happy Medium Approach has the tools and frameworks that will guide you to successful programming for these very deserving individual. 

School based service providers, we understand that you may be feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place, or exhausted from being constantly called in to be the behavior fire extinguisher. As BCBAs in the school context, you are faced with the challenging task of meeting the needs of the individual, the classroom, and the school as a whole. It's not an easy feat.

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The Journey to Psychological Flexibility

Adding Psychological Flexibility programming to your space can at times be overwhelming. Where do I start? Am I doing this right? HMA Social Emotional Frameworks provides a flexible launching point to add Psychological Flexibility to your space. Apply it as written, or allow it to be a springboard to launch your creativity in your space!

Are you ready for an appetitive approach to parent training? We understand that the traditional methods of holding parents accountable can sometimes feel discouraging and ineffective. It can be disheartening to hear the same excuses over and over again. But don't worry, we're here to tell you that there is a better way. Let us introduce you to The Relentless Parent, an innovative and empowering approach to parent training by The Happy Medium Approach.

Through the lens of Psychological Flexibility, Positive Psychology, and Evolutionary Science with the DNA-V approach developed by Hayes and Ciarrochi, we offer our support in helping parents discover their true selves both as individuals and as parents. We believe that by connecting with their core values, parents can embark on a beautiful journey of reducing chaos and creating shared joy for their family.


As a parent, it can be challenging to balance your own needs with those of your child. It's important to show up authentically for yourself and your child in a consistent, evidence-informed way. The Relentless Parent is a Happy Medium Approach, guide to help you do just that. 


Do you want your practice to shine?  Honor human rights?  Truly develop individualized programming for the people you serve and watch them move towards their values?

If you are a DTT, NET, PRT, PF, or other style, the flexible frameworks in The Happy Medium Practice can provide you with the structure to support your clients, families, and team members in progressing towards their values!  Use Happy Medium Language to narrow the perspective gap amongst people.  Honor the variability that is being human while supporting both the individual and the group they exist in!