The Happy Medium Practice 

Embracing the Complexity of Humans

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What is The Happy Medium Approach (HMA) and Who is it for? 

The Happy Medium Approach embraces the paradigm shift of no human is broken, just a unique individual continually evolving and refining their repertoires of genuine self and social behaviors to engage broad repertoires of generalized workability across context in flux with appetitive and aversive functional relations in context. 

In our ever-changing world, human to human interaction is complex, Neuodivergent or Neurotypical. We find ourselves grappling with the complexity of humaning withindifferent contexts and under different contextual control, aversive-coersive-appetitive. Do I present my masked self and lean into my constructed repertoires with social view? Do I fully unmask and lean into my repertoires with authentic self view?  Or maybe I need to lean into workable assent masking when the context is pulling for behaviors from both repertoires, social and authentic self view? The Happy Medium Approach manual series is a transdiagnostic approach that recognizes this immense challenge and seeks to bring clarity to the forefront. 

Through simple yet profound, insightful frameworks, we delve into the complexities of human-human interaction within various contexts. Answering a series of age-old questions in pursuit of authentic living for self and self within interconnected groups:  Who am I? What are my current repertoires of behavior that are authentically me and socially me? How can others resource support to help me sustain generalized workability across contexts? How do I construct a robust repertoire of authentic and social behaviors that work under both appetitive and aversive conditions at varying degrees? Who do I want to genuinely be, and what groups do I want to be a part of?  How do I authentically modify the expectations and demands of the context to show up as the best version of my resourced self at that moment of time? Whether I am my whole self or just a fragment of myself due to contextual variables, and communicate to others my availability and needed supports?

Every individual carries a unique lived history, shaped by their individual contact with their contextual available contingencies and behavioral repertoires to orient and satisfy the contingencies. Happy Medium Language provides a framework to harness the power oflanguage as a transformative intervention bridge.  Enabling languaging individuals to travel flexibly across the bridge in services of the yearning for connection and bidirectional relationships. Sometimes traveling more to one person perspective or finding a space in the middle. By fostering connection and empathy with shared control, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of one another's learning history and build a bridge of resourced support to create unity amidst diversity.

Change is a constant in our lives, and developing the ability to adapt and grow as an individual and individual from a self and social view is crucial for our authentic self and social well-being. The Happy Medium Approach empowers individuals to actively construct new repertoires of behavior with generalized workability and resource supports when their repertoire is narrow, rigid, or unworkable. Through the panned contact with appetitives and a planned way out under aversive and coercive conditions, individuals can embrace the journey towards psychological flexibility, where noticing and willingness become our foundation for growth and workability determines our persistent steps forward. 

The Happy Medium Approach is a breakthrough approach for its view on humanity and intervention aims.  There are no broken humans with a predetermined end destination or standard socially constructed norm to reach.  The foundational pillars of the approach are Compassion, Assent, Trauma Informed, and Humility.  From this foundation, the approach itself is focused on creating broad and flexible repertoires of behavior with generalized workability that are unique to each individual, their culture, and desired social connections.  

From a functional contextualist lens, the approach builds a bridge between direct contingency management, relational frame theory - language as intervention, and psychological flexibility.  Within a bidirectional therapeutic alliance, the behavioral artist leans into non-linear contingency analysis, assent based interventions, planned contact with appetitives, proactive development of escape and avoidance repertoires, and planful layering of repertoire construction. The approach does not proscribe a scope and sequence of intervention but encourages behavioral artistry through guiding questions within overarching repertoire domains and flexible frameworks.  The unique lens creates a second paradigm shift, there is no universal recipe or technology for living as an authentic self and social human.  Behavior analyst and psychologists approach programming for both neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals not through a prescribed lesson or skill checklist, but through honoring and embracing the immense need for flexibility within our application of science to humans within their genuine self and interconnected social lives. 

Elevating your practice to support human rights and autonomy!

The Happy Medium Approach (HMA) is a flexible behavior analytic approach.  The frameworks within the approach have multiple purposes and can truly allowing practitioners to individualize services to the individual and their contexts.  

Clinicians can use the frameworks in HMA with other interventions, including: 

  • PRT
  • DTT
  • Incidental Teaching 
  • Precision Teaching

There is significant flexibility across assessments as well: 

  • Vineland 
  • BASC
  • SSIS
  • PEAK
  • Skill Streaming 

Not only can HMA support clinicians in meeting individuals where they are to move them towards their values, but you can enhance your staff experiences too using the frameworks in HMA!

  • Staff retention 
  • Staff burnout 
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Company values 
  • Individual values 
  • Practicing from a lens of Psychological Flexibility
  • Providing and receiving Feedback 
  • Optimizing and individualizing supports across staff 


What is Your Company's Ethical Artist Ripple? 

The field of Applied Behavior Analysis is at a crossroads, do we stay the course or elevate our practice?  The Happy Medium Approach is moving to elevate your practice! 

When applying a science to humans, it is critical to remember first we are humans supporting humans!  How is your team honoring basic human rights? 

  1. Life
  2.  Freedom
    • Discrimination
    • Thought 
    • Expression 
    • Movement
    • Opinion
    • Assembly  
  3. Food and Water 
  4. Education 
  5. Privacy 
  6. Nationality 
  7. Nationality and Culture 
  8. Marriage 

A science itself does not take on human characteristics like compassionate or artistic.  The human implementing the empirically validated science does so in a compassionate or artistic way. 

So what human aspects is your team bringing to the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis? 

  1. Kind
  2. Understanding
  3. Compassionate
  4. Artistic 
  5. Joyful 
  6.  Fun 
  7. Connected
  8. Engaging 
  9. Equitable
  10. Humility

Humans do not operate in silos, we are multidimensional with needs across so many areas of science.  How does your practice incorporate other empirically validated sciences?

  1. Trauma Informed Care 
  2. Ployvagal
  3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 
  4. Relational Frame Theory 
  5. Interception
  6. Speech and Language Therapy 
  7. Occupational Therapy
  8. Parent Child Interaction Therapy 

**within our scope of practice and training**

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