Embrace Interconnected Parenting and Create an Intrinsically Connected Home

Honoring Individual and Family Must Haves for a Fulfilling and Meaningful Family Life

Challenging the All or Nothing Parenting Paradigm

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the dichotomy of either asserting your authority or giving in to your child's every demand? At The Happy Medium Approach, we are here to shake up the conventional all or nothing parenting paradigm and offer you a transformative approach that empowers and connects both parents and children in a mutually designed relationship.

Introducing Happy Medium Interconnected Parenting

Interconnected parenting is a revolutionary way to create a harmonious household where all individuals' needs are honored and met. By acknowledging and valuing the unique perspectives and desires of each family member, we can foster deep connections and loving relationships that build and allow travel across different perspective bridges.

Embracing Balance and Understanding

We believe that it's possible to find a middle ground between authoritarian parenting and permissive indulgence. Happy Medium interconnected parenting allows for open dialogue, mutual respect, and collaborative problem-solving, ensuring that everyone feels heard, appreciated, and understood.  Allowing for travel as needed across individual and mutually designed perspective bridges. 


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Ready to Embark on the Interconnected Parenting Revolution?

Let's challenge the status quo and ruffle some feathers on our journey to create a new paradigm. Take the first step towards creating a mutually designed home environment. Join The Happy Medium Approach today and embark on this exciting interconnected parenting journey. It's time to transform your family life and experience the joy of building a more interconnected, fulfilling and meaningful family journey!

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Transparent coaching cost $200 per hour.

Access to effective resources is a huge value for our team!  Our resources should be accessible to everyone, and we do offer a sliding scale.  If you feel comfortable with our resources at a lower rate, let's talk about it, and try to come up with a number that works for everyone.