Elevating Freedom for Your Child and Family

This might upset a few people but I’m going to say it anyway, once a week in office therapy is a terrible way to end debilitating behavior in your home. 

I know that sounds crazy, but go with me.

Families are going from defiance, constant outburst, isolation to having an authentic relationship with their child by following a much newer and far simpler method.

What’s more, families who go through our program also know what to do no matter what the world or their child throws at them.  Not just that, they also have harmony in their home. And better yet, a successful and thriving child.

It's just the way we have always parented......

The Old Way AND the Cost



Hold the line or die

Parenting of generations ago....

  1. In office therapy 1 hour a week at $200 per hour 
    • Total for 52 Weeks 
      • $10,400
  2. In office Occupational Therapy 1 hour a week at $150 per hour
    • Total for 52 Weeks
      • $7,800
  3.  Now let's keep doing that for 8 years.....
    • Total Cost for 8 years to still NOT know what to do when the world or your child throws something at you
      • $148,800++
  4. Countless hours of time spent
    • leaving work early to pick your child up from school
    • Arguing with your significant other 
    • Tossing and turning at night 
    • Missed family gatherings and important events

AND.... You don't get this time back

Why keep doing the same old thing and expecting different results?

Understanding the Investment for The 5 Simple Shifts

Be Brave

Break the Mold

The Secret Weapon: The Paradigm Reset

Leverage Compassionate Flexibility 

Invest in Mentorship

The Relentless Parent Way

  1. Never let the fear, doubt, or shame paralyze you in your fight for harmony and lifelong success for your child.
  2. You are not parenting perfectly, you are not following a step-by-step guide. You're parenting to your child’s mold. That is what your child needs…meeting their unique and individual mold.
  3. A paradigm Reset is the most powerful way to calm the chaos, create harmony, and gain lifelong success for your at risk child.
  4. You don’t have to be the perfect parent, but showing up for your child in a flexible and compassionate way will go a long way in calming the chaos and having success knocking on your door.
  5. If you are committed to harmony in your home and long term success for your child, investing in mentorship is a must. Don’t go it alone! 


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