5 Shifts To Bring Your PDA, Autistic, ADHD, AuDHD, or Neurodivergent Child Back From the Brink and Stabilize your Life!

Without costly rewards, sticker charts, or violence as communication!

I am ready to stabilize my life!
  • The step by step system my clients use to eliminate unrelenting behavior and chaos in their home without asking their neurodivergent child to conform to neurotypical norms or systems. 
  • Why traditional neuronormative practices like punishments and rewards are the worst way to alleviate unrelenting behavior for your neurodivergent child, and the simple technique my clients are using to celebrate their child’s neurodivergence and stabilize their home. 

  • The secrets to getting their child to collaborate, regulate, and find their joy!
  • How my clients finally build a system of support the creates sustained regulation, cooperation, and stabilization in their home. 
  • And... how they're able to do all of this without shouting, threatening, punishing, or just giving up!
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